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Hadeed Carpet started in Alexandria, Virginia in 1955. Joe Hadeed likes to tell the story of how his father started the business by bringing customers rugs home and cleaning them in his driveway. Today the company is still a family business and operates a large plant in Alexandria. Hadeed welcomes visitors for plant tours, with reservations requested in advance. On a plant tour, you would see where the staff carefully cleans large and small oriental rugs with lots of water, and some old fashioned soap. Then the rugs are run thru a large machine to help wring out most of the water. The rugs are then hung up to dry in a special room where they hang from the ceiling and warm air circulates. Continuing on a tour, you enter the repair room, where a staff of women masterfully hand sew the repairs. Another room has a staff of specialists who use the old fashioned dye methods to touch up faded color spots on rugs. It’s a very impressive operation.

Hadeed has a large fleet of trucks to come to your home and pick up your oriental rugs. The drivers will move your furniture, roll up the rugs, and carry them out to the truck. When they are done, the rugs will be delivered back to your home.

Hadeed Carpet will clean, repair, or restore Chinese rugs, hand hooked rugs, hand woven rugs, wool rugs, fine Persian and Oriental rugs. They can replace old fringe

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